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Scuba Dive in Bonito, MS, Brazil.

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Alligator - Daniel de Granville
Fishes - Ismael Escote
Fishes at Rio da Prata - Brasil - Marcelo Krause
Scuba dive - Marcelo Krause
Karol Meyer - Ismael Escote
Fishes at Rio da Prata - Ismael Escote

Scuba Dive in Bonito, MS, Brazil: Rivers, Lagoons and Caves.

All the information about the activity in the fresh waters and caves of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Photos, news, articles, equipment, courses, snorkeling, scuba diving sites such as Lagoa Misteriosa, Abismo Anhumas, Rio da Prata, Gruta do Mimoso, and more.


Adventure in the mysterious world - Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul

There is a world almost inaccessible to the vast majority of people. A world where the darkness and the search for the unknown, incite the minds of men who venture out to seek it. A world where these men, equipped with advanced technology, are faced with the most primitive sensations, which affect the humanity since the beginning of its existence. This world is the underwater world of the rivers and flooded caves of Mato Grosso do Sul state, in the mid-west of Brazil.

The combination of two activities as exciting as diving and cave exploration, led to cave diving. And it is in Mato Grosso do Sul, in the region of Serra da Bodoquena which includes the cities of Jardim and Bonito, where the best places for the practice of this activity are. Cave diving can only be practiced by fully trained persons and strictly following all safety standards learned in the course. The level of risk is quite high, which makes the investment in equipment, safety and training also high on the part of practitioners, operators and schools. Any certified diver at the advanced level, can join a diving course in caves. The activity requires technique and discipline. The prize is the knowledge, to overcome the challenge and the opportunity to enter in this world full of beauty and mystery, where nature sculpted shapes, an adventure worthy of the best books of Jules Verne.

But it is not only in caves, like the Abismo Anhumas and Lagoa Misteriosa, that you can practice activity in Bonito. There are also several rivers of crystal clear water, such as the Prata River and the Formoso. In these rivers, rich in fish species and blessed with a lot of aquatic vegetation and limestone cliffs, diving is spectacular. If you never dived, they are the ideal place to make the bastismo or discovery, a first time diving experience. If you are already a certified , let yourself be carried away by emotion and by the current, and enjoy a landscape very different from the sea.

Come and see the underwater world of Bonito, MS! Ecotourism and adventure await you!

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